Eureka: the Solver

A product from Roger Schlafly

Eureka was an equation solving and graphics product from Borland in the late 1980s. It ran under DOS and on the Mac. Eureka was listed among the InfoWorld Magazine top 100 hardware and software computer products of 1987.

I created Eureka, and when Borland abandoned it, I put out a shareware version under the name Mercury. You can find version 2.09 from Univ. of Tennessee, Simtel, or other DOS shareware repositaries.

Hardly anyone pays for Eureka or Mercury anymore, so I have released a freeware version of Eureka. It is free for personal or educational use. Some commercial use is also free -- contact me for permission.

Download version 2.11 of Eureka here. You will need to unzip the files.

The program is rather dated, but it still has some useful features. For example, it can give exact solutions to numerical problems. In certain cases, it will give provably all solutions and show only those digits that have been proved to be correct.

Installation notes

  • Eureka is a 16-bit DOS program. Under Microsoft Windows, it runs in a command window.
  • It does not put itself in the Start menu or do anything to your system outside the directory where it is run.
  • There is no timeout, nag screen, advertising, or crippling limitation.
  • The hardware drivers have not been updated since about 1990, so a lot of newer printers will probably not work.

    You can contact Roger Schlafly at

    Eureka and Mercury are copyrighted by Roger Schlafly. Eureka and Eureka: the Solver are trademarks.